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DCC Chip - Bachmann

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Good Morning on a sunny Fathers Day.

I am chipping several Locos to run on our new DCC Layout, all has gone well UNTIL - I opened up the Bachmann Jinty Loco - it has what (I think) is a choke - 2 tiny copper coils surronding a (Graphite?) rod - wired between the pick up & motor.

To start I have wired in the chip between the pickup & (Choke?), programmed it as #5, the Hornby controller accepted the input (Red Light flashed) but the Loco refuses to run on anything other than default (#3).

Before I hack out the (Choke?) & get myself into real trouble, does any one have any suggestions.

Thanks Mike H.
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Thanks for the imput, I'll try resetting (again).

(BTW - what Hornby controller are you using, because the Select does not read back.) - I have the Hornby Select & when programming the chip it gives confirmation by flashing a Red LED as confirmation.

Regds Mike
Thanks - Glad to know someone was successful!

I'm using the Bachmann chip - with a sleeve it just fits in the Boiler space - without any modification, I'm pleased to say.

I'm off to reprogram the chip - Mike H
Thanks for the Video Clip Info, as the Loco/Chip is refusing to operate on anything other than the default # 3 I'll remove the Choke & rewire the chip to see if that sorts out the problem.

Something that has arisen from going digital - I think I am going to investigate the power feed to the track, some Locos that ran smoothly in Analogue are not going as well since conversion (plug in chip not my wiring!) - it seems that Digital is rather more sensitive than Analogue.

Any thoughts on a Monday Morning??


Mike H.
Thank you Brian

[Locomotives that run well on analogue will be better on digital provided that the decoder is a decent one & installed & set up correctly]. - I have used Plug in Bachmann + 2 Hornby and they seem to perform ok

[First step would be to check the power feeds.] - I think you have probably hit the nail on the head - As I solder the feed wires to the track I'll try using some spare Hornby power clips (as a temporary measure) to try & improve the supply.

Has there been a discussion on this on the Forum?

Good Morning - Many thanks for all the input - Jinty problem resolved, removed the lot as per the Video Clip & it works fine.

Now I've just got to sort out the Track wireing!


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