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DCC Chip - Bachmann

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Good Morning on a sunny Fathers Day.

I am chipping several Locos to run on our new DCC Layout, all has gone well UNTIL - I opened up the Bachmann Jinty Loco - it has what (I think) is a choke - 2 tiny copper coils surronding a (Graphite?) rod - wired between the pick up & motor.

To start I have wired in the chip between the pickup & (Choke?), programmed it as #5, the Hornby controller accepted the input (Red Light flashed) but the Loco refuses to run on anything other than default (#3).

Before I hack out the (Choke?) & get myself into real trouble, does any one have any suggestions.

Thanks Mike H.
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I done this installation some months back, and left the choke in, not sure if it was the correct thing to do, used a Lenz decoder, it was very tight getting it in, had to remove weight from smoke box, but saying all that it works well, im not even sure what the choke supposed to do? is it the same job as a interferance supressor? Im wondering if the decoder has accepted the new coding?
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