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QUOTE (Poppa Mike @ 15 Jun 2008, 15:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Good Morning on a sunny Fathers Day.

I am chipping several Locos to run on our new DCC Layout, all has gone well UNTIL - I opened up the Bachmann Jinty Loco - it has what (I think) is a choke - 2 tiny copper coils surronding a (Graphite?) rod - wired between the pick up & motor.

To start I have wired in the chip between the pickup & (Choke?), programmed it as #5, the Hornby controller accepted the input (Red Light flashed) but the Loco refuses to run on anything other than default (#3).

Before I hack out the (Choke?) & get myself into real trouble, does any one have any suggestions.

Thanks Mike H.

***I've done several of these loco's and all that added stuff should ideally be dumped.

If you have the non-dcc ready version do all as below - if yours has a socket, best to do the same but the sequence is a bit different.

Remove the black plastic L shaped bracket. This will get you to the screw that holds the little circuit board with the inductors on it.

remove the screw that holds it in place, unsolder the capacitor leads from the motor body, unsolder the wires from the motor brushes and remove the PCB totally.

Wire red and black of the loco pickups to red and black of the decoder.
wire orange and gray of the decoder to the motor brushes.

I always use a small TCS decoder for this install. If you now replace the small L shaped plastic bracket the decoder will fit between the bracket and the motor mounting/gearbox. NO need to remove any weight, which is important as this lovely little loc needs all the help of the weight it has to pull lots of wagons.

NOTE: The new hornby decoders are certainly better but still give NO real adjutment for performance. You are MUCH better off using Bachmann, TCS, ESU or similar. (for example, if you adjust Vmax and Vmid to about 60% of max and set both CV3 and 4 for a bit of momentum too with this loco using one of the recommended decoders, speed control and smoothness become exceptional - without the ability to do that, The bachmann 3 pole motor is a bit lumpy at very slow speeds.

ALSO - this loco benefits from a bit of pickup adjustment - ex factory, about 1/2 the pickups don't make good contact with the wheels!!

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