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Hello Goedel.

what an interesting idea !

Though personally, I don't think DCC will reach this level of complexity for a while... ( if ever?)
I would have thought that the sound system black box,(as it would be remote from the track, but connected)) would have to have "twinned" decoders /software... one for the loco and a programme for the black box... as any sounds would clearly need to be synchronised with the loco's actions /input commands.

Like yourself, (although my models are HO), they are small switcher /shunters, so space is very limited, for even todays sound systems.... decoders are okay.. its the speakers that are the problem.. I refuse to "fill a cab "with speaker, cables and /or a decoder.. preferring an open /maybe detailed cab,and silence

I fear for older locos, any "acceptable" sound system fitting will not be easy. BUT ... as new models arrive in the hobby, one would hope that the manufacturers consider this upgrade option. Already, models are appearing with a ready made sound chip, designed into the fabric of a model.. so perhaps over time.. we may get what we want

Interesting topic though, thanks


Steve B
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