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DCC Command Stations & Controllers

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ashleyh made a good suggestion of putting together a users review / guide of the different DCC systems around. In this day and age of word-of-mouth marketing, this could be good if it is honest and positive. I'll pin this and make an index on this first Post, linking it to the various systems that members are using.

Lets keep the information specific to the systems that we are using. Give info honestly and list features that you use. A resume with positive and negative points could round off the post. Give an overall rating too if you like. Use these images:

Problems that let the system down and limit usage
Does what it says on the box, but could be better
Good, with one or two small issues that could be addressed

DCC Command stations & Controllers

Lenz Set 100 by Doug
Arnold DCC Controllers by Doug
Digitrax Super Chief by Makemineadouble
ESU Ecos 50000 by neil_s_wood
Bachmann Dynamis by ashleyh
NCE Powercab by wiggy25
Hornby Elite by wiggy25
ESU Mobile Control for ECoS 50100 by neil_s_wood
Roco Multimaus Pro Review by Moonraker

Please leave comments in this parallel topic (here).
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Bachmann E-Z Command Review

OK here is my review of the Bachmann E-Z Command DCC System which I own!

(image just one found from google at this time untill I can take some pictures of my system)

Over all its pretty simple, plug and play like a DCC should be really, never had DCC before this so I figured "ok Ill be spending about an hour for each loco that I have (I have One now, and I did have a second one that got traded off for another basic Bachmann DCC engine) and I do plan to use it with another one that I usually use with my DC system...

now as soon as I opened it up I saw three items, the controller, the power plug and the wire that would go from unit to track, simple how I like it! The plug that hooks into the controler looks to be the standard 3.5mm connector.

overall I like its easy and the programming is just push the function button (make sure you have your train address selected for the train to be programmed to) then just hit function again (you may have to hold it down, i honestly forget how to do the programing as I only have three trains that I use it with and they are already pre-programmed.


Simple, easy to use
can run up to 9 engines at a time

Could be made with more functions

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