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I guess this has probably been said before but the response time and professional service received from Richard is amazing, he is so helpful. All my stock is loksound/smoke/lights or awaiting conversion. I emailed earlier to see if he had a 4-M-T sound and yep within minutes up popped an email, and now its in the post winging its way across the big sea.

A Deltic chip should be arriving any day now and the page (here on teh forums) covering the fitment has been really helpful. Anyway not wishing to really digress, I just wanted to praise this guy.

I guess the special offer $199AD to forum members is no longer active due to the exchange rates, so they have increased a wee bit.

Thanks also to the testers on DCC controllers, I finally made the plunge and the ECOS unit may even be at home when I get in tonight? More learning.

Thanks Richard and the forum testers and users.

Merry Christmas

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