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Having gone to the trouble of wiring it all up then your best course is probably to leave it as it is - everything will still work.

If you wish to convert to DCC operation then you will need a number of accessory modules, each of which usually controls four points or signals. The cheapest are the MERG kits at around £10 a time, commerical ones are £20-40 each. They are wired to the DCC bus and often also to a separate 15Vac supply, plus of course to the things you want to control.

How these are actually operated depends on what command station you have. Most command stations will operate points from the keypad or handset. Some are quite easy to use, even allowing a group of points to be operated with a single button sequence. However with others you have to remember the number of each item and each operation may need quite a few button pushes. A conventional control panel is likely to be easier to use provided you want to operate everything from the same place.

Alternatively you can go for a separate route setting box that plugs into the DCC system, or interface to a PC running special software. Again what is available depends on what command station you have. In my view it is only worthwhile to go for DCC control of accessories if you plan to have automated signalling or automated train driving via a PC.
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