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Hi David

Welcome to the forum

You probably should have posted this under the DCC forum but I'm sure the N gauge modellers will help regarding the best
and easiest DCC chips to fit in your Loco's

There is a section on DCC systems reviews Here

The Future prospect of integrating Computer with DCC control .Most systems have either an optional computer interface or have one built in. There are varying degrees of compatibility(and controllability ) between the Software available and the DCC systems

JMRI is a Java based system available for free (you can donate $ to help )

You will find info on compatibility of systems and the program Here

The most expensive but probably the most comprehensive software Is Railroad and Co
You will find info on compatibility of systems and the program Here
Their Programs will Integrate Sounds with the positions of running Loco's utilizing a 5.1 computer based sound system (4 speakers around the Layout and a Sub)

The System you choose will also depend on your personal choice, what looks and feels best for you
Some people prefer a small 1 hand operable control , Knob based or button based
Others a 2 hand unit like the ECoS
Best to try a few systems out to see what feels right for you and compare that with the compatibility of the software

There is also a Forum member working on Voice Command via computer software
this looks to be a great development you will find details Here

Hope this helps

Don't be afraid to Ask questions , no mater how basic (you should see some I have asked
Someone will have a solution or two

Regards Zmil
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