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QUOTE (David Baker @ 24 Sep 2008, 05:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi. I'm new here so first I'd like to say hello to everyone on this forum. Secondly I hope that I'm not repeating a question that has been asked in the past. I've had a quick look through the last 10 pages of the forum and also tried searching so hope I've not missed something. I know how annoying it is to have to repeatedly answer the same questions again and again. (Get that in my line of work, I'm a support assistant in a special school for children with autism by the way. I'm also reknown on forums for making posts longer than they need to be. Sorry.

Right I'll get on with the issue at hand. I've recently purchased a number of Dapol and Ixion locos (though some haven't yet arrived):

Cookham Manor - Class 7800 'Manor' GWR 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive. (Ixion)
Evening Star - Class 9F BR 2-10-0 Steam Locomotive. (Dapol)
D7017 - Class 35 'Hymek' Bo-Bo Diesel Locomotive (with hydraulic transmission). (Dapol)
E6040 or 73136 (The Bluebell Railway?) - Class 73 Bo-Bo 3rd Rail / Diesel Locomotive. (Dapol)

Each of these come fitted as standard with a socket for a NEM 651 6pin DCC Chip. If possible I'd like to fit a chip that allows both fine motor control and realistic sound and would like some advice on what would be best. Other than the locos I don't presently have a layout setup or a DCC controller of any kind (I'd also need to purchase one) so am only limited in what is suitable by the locos themselves. One thing I could see myself wanting to do further down the line is to be able to run my DCC layout via a computer. Smoke, carrage lights, etc... would be interesting but I don't think I'm ready yet but future flexibility for such options might be worth planning for. As so far I seem to be aiming for locos that are preserved programmable DCC Sound chips may also be an interesting idea for as much realism as possible.

I also own two other locos but don't know how easy these would be to chip. These are:

5530 - Class 5101 GWR 2-6-2T Slope Tank Locomotive. (Dapol) [I don't know if this loco has a socket or not.]
Sir Nigel Gresley - A4 'Pacific' 4-6-2 Locomotive. (Minitrix)

Thank you for your help and assistance. All the best, David.

*** A big ask - not in the way of knowledge requested, but in what you hope to achieve in N scale.

Adding motor drive decoders to the loco's mentioned is possible but not all will be easy. I would recommend the TCS chip with 6 pin lead - small, good preformance and good price too. Several places stock TCS but I know Bromsgrove models do have stock in UK.

**Tender loco's with loco drive are generally no problem.
**tender loco's with tender drive are complex installs, often needing metal to be cut
**tank loco's can be awkward but are usually doable
**Diesels are usually OK but not always easy

**Sound in most of the locos mentioned will not be possible - there is a need for room that is not there

**Smoke is very difficult in N scale, space doesn't exist in most cases.

As to other things: You will have no problem as far as computer interfacing etc are concerned. There are several brands that allow this and are well supported by software. Carriage lights are also easy enough to achieve well.

Welcome to the furum.... and please don't hesitate to ask as many specific questions as you like.


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