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I notice that the latest announcement on Bachmann's UK website about the forthcoming Farish class 56 introduces the term "DCC friendly" which means "allowing a relatively straight forward installation of DCC decoder by soldering the connection wires onto the tags fitted to the model".

This sounds like a reasonable idea to me, particularly for locos with little space available.


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QUOTE (disco-dave @ 18 Mar 2007, 09:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Am I missing something here? Surely a decoder with plug is easiest? I personally don't like the idea of using a soldering iron near plastic.

The plug itself takes a large part of the available space in N gauge.

I think the Farish 66 would also be classed as DCC friendly if they'd invented the term at the time. This has solder pads on the edge of the PCB so no need to go anywhere near plastic. I assume the 57 and any other totally new models will do the same, though they may change to a plug in future especially as Dapol are moving that way.

NB it's a 57 not a 56 as stated in the OP.
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