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You can put a decoder in the trailer car and give it the same address as the power car. To programme it just put the relevant car on the programming track and remove the other one. You will probably need to do this to map the functions in the two decoders so that they are controlled by the buttons you want and the head and tail lights only operate in the relevant direction. Decoder manuals give details of this but it is a bit tricky for the novice. There is also an issue that you command station may not think a function-only decoder has programmed correctly, other threads on here have discussed this recently.

Incidentally I plan to set up my DMUs with the red and white lights on one end controlled by one button (say f0) and the red and white on the other end controlled by another (say f1). When the relevant function is activated they would swap according to direction. That way if the unit is coupled to another one the lights on the coupled ends can be switched off and will stay switched off even if the formation reverses.

You can also put several decoders in the same vehicle just by connecting all the red wires to one pickup and the blacks to the other. These can all have the same address too, but it is better to choose decoders (such as TCS) with a feature called "decoder lock" which allows you to programme one decoder at a time. Otherwise you will have to disconnect the wires to one decoder when you want to programme the other one.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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