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I have just started venturing into N gauge DRG Epoch II and was hoping for a bit of advice:

(1) Which DCC decoders do others use in Fleischmann N gauge steam locos?

I have found a couple of excellent german sites that show how to do the conversions (am fluent enough in German to use these), but these either refer to Twin Digital or older decoders. Does anyone have any experience with current DCC decoders. If so, what have you used?

(2) What would I need to take into account when converting OO / HO trackplans?

I am planning on using Peco code 55 streamline. Could I just shrink dimensions by half? Anything else to bear in mind? And what about curve radii? I see that the smallest curve on N is 12". Does Fleischmann stock tend to cope with this?

Many thanks,


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You need to bear in mind the following when adapting an 00 layout design to N.

1. I think N gauge points are not half the length of corresponding 00 ones. (This is only from glancing at them so an N gauge enthusiast may correct me later.) Thus crossovers will be proportionally longer and complex pointwork may turn out (turnout get it!) to be much larger than expected.

2. Operating areas inside a layout may be too small for a person to get into. On the other hand you can widen parts of a layout and still be able to reach the far side.

There may be other things which someone else will comment on.

Cheers, Robert.
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