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QUOTE (zmil @ 7 Nov 2008, 09:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi All

When I first bought the Golden white LED's (many years ago) Specifically to replace some lights in a tender , Richard told me I could reduce the diameter a bit to fit . Put the LED in the chuck of a drill and run the drill while holding a file on it , that worked well.

When I went to replace the 30mA interior light lamps in one of my coaches with 2 LED's I filed them Flat at the ends and a little off the sides to end up with a rectangular shape , which just fits inside the holes in the circuit board that runs the length of the coaches. That's when I discovered filing to much changes the resulting light output colour to a more yellow colour

Regards Zmil

***Another tip for you to increase dispersion:

If you carefully drill directly into the end of a 3mm LED with a 3mm bit (centre drill with a tiny bit first to keep it centralised) you make a concave indentation - because of the angle of the cone created, this will throw light to the sides as well as still allowing some through the end.

experiment with this, with and without also painting the cone interior matt white (typists white correcting fluid is good for this). Useful when using LEDS for interior lighting in buildings etc....

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