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I finally got around to installing a Hornby Decoder in one of my J94's the other day.

I installed it from scratch, as I couldn't find any tutorials for that model online. But im pleased to say its running great and the install was a lot easier than I imagined!

[If anyone wants pictures, Im happy to take a few of the modifications ive done to mine?]

I installed the Decoder in the front of the loco, inside the smoke box and ahead of the motor. [I think the Hornby chip may be the max size possible, with the wiring included, that this location will allow.]

The loco body itself required no modification, but there is a semi-circular lip on the bottom of the ballast weight, which sits in the boiler space, and does require sawing off to enable enough space in the firebox for the wires and chip.

I just used a standard hacksaw to remove the lip, and filed the excess flush with a file. The metal is quite soft, so its not difficult.

As I said, If anyone wants to see some images for reference, I can post them below as soon as ive taken them...


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I find it helpful to read someone else's description of a DCC conversion and the steps required, so I would welcome a few photos.

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