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The problem with kit built loco's is the shorts that are possible, with the brass frames.
In the past I've favoured insulated drivers on both sides. Super glue is great for insualtion where you do find a short. Avoid if possible current collection on one pole through the wheels(one side) through the chassis to one pole of the motor. Rather have pickup's for both poles.
Wiring is simple, red/black to pickups, orange/grey to motor terminals. For whats it's worth, I don't run kit built loco's anymore, there are just too many areas where they can short. I normally try to substitute a commerical chassis. For instance:
Hornby 8F chassis can be very sucessfully used under the DJH body.
Bachmann 3F Jinty has the same wheel spacings as the Hornby 4F but needs larger
wheels. So I'm sure you can find a commercial chassis for your Big Bertha what about the new Bachmann 9F ?.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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