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No loop required, position the controller central (ish) and then run the bus out from there.

Richard Johnson has some perfect tag strips for dropper to bus connection complete with a nice wire stripper for in line stripping (not just ends) that will make this a breeze. I have them and they are great, tag strips and strippers (wire strippers that is

The other point is , are you going to use some form of power management to divide the layout into blocks such that a short on one part of the layout doesn't shut down the rest? If so you end up with a bus for each of these power districts. Looking at your layout you may want a couple of power districts perhap each of the three loops perhaps?

What DCC system are you using?

QUOTE (harkins77 @ 16 Jul 2008, 06:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi guys I was wondering if someone can give me some help using the bus and droppers wiring system for my new plan.

I'm struggling where to isolate and put power feeds for the layout

Below is the plan I have and I'm wondering if someone could help me please.

Ok so another thing I'm not exactly sure of if I run a bus wire do the 2 ends of each wire i.e. + and - do they connect together to form a loop before going to my powercab system? Or does the end of the + and - wire end just before it meets up with the start of the wiring ?
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