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Agree with everything written so far on cables. I use solid core copper mains cables as the bus. Strip the grey sleeve off and you have one brown and one blue solid core cable to string around under the layout plus a very useful smaller diameter copper earth for other uses. I then solder 10 amp droppers from every yard length of track (SMP Scaleway) and solder these to the bus underneath. You just need to scrape a small section of insulation off the bus wires with a Stanley knife (carefully) to attach the droppers.

I use Maplin 10 amp toggle switches for the sections (storage loops) and Maplin 10 amp DPDT switches for the point motors (slow acting type). These Maplin switches are really heavy-duty items and strongly recommended.

The double track ECML in the loft works faultlessly so the system seems to work. It also confirms that Hornby live steam locomotives perform perfectly on SMP code 75 finescale track. I use Marcway points and these are also fine for live steam.

Well done getting this forum going chaps.

Kind Regards
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