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On the small branchline, I use DCC for both loco and turnout control because I wanted to use a true walk around handheld without being tied to a control panel (I chose the Multimaus with Lenz LVZ100 because of the ergonomically friendly Multimaus)

However, anything above ten turnouts becomes a hardship remembering which turnout is being moved (OK, you can number turnouts from one end of the layout but what about parallel crossovers?)

The freedom gained is important as the new layout is designed to be one-man operated and I can answer the questions from the public but above ten turnouts and my brain hurts.

The physically larger (but simple) industrial layout is designed from the outset to be completely analogue, the need for sound is an irrelevance as expo noise levels negate any sound systems and all the locos are hulking great brutes with multi-wheel pickup and top quality motors. I can wire as easily in cab-control as DCC using a bus system in both cases therefore there is nothing to be gained from individual loco control. Horses for courses?

Bottom line, DCC is great for both loco and turnout control under certain applications. If I was using total DCC for a larger layout, I would employ software route setting as I believe that it is almost impossible to remember the numerical code for a large number of turnouts and software help is needed.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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