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QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 16 Mar 2007, 03:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Don't even think of fitting the Lenz with the six pin plug.

Make sure that the motor current is checked before fitting a new decoder (of any type) - these motors can appear to work OK, but can draw more current that the decoder will take.

Best (if you don't want to fit the FLM decoder) is to get the dealer to hard wire a Lenz or ESU - it's a simple soldering job.

There is no problem with no cover and/or insulation over the brush holders - you get the same voltage accross them as you do on the track - & nobody is suggesting that the track is insulated !

So, it can only mount with FLN decoder?
BTW, the CE mark is done through self-declaration..... unless it bares a GS mark for Germany or Kite mark for UK, I then believe it is safe
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