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Hi Forum,

I've recently acquired a very cheap, but brand new, Hornby 2P 4-4-0 with a Ringfield tender drive mechanism. Just couldn't resist picking it up at less than half the new price...

I've got a DCC layout, and am wondering whether it's worth keeping and converting.

I've got no problem fitting the chip, but would it be worth it given the lack of flywheel and low speed control??

Does anyone else have any experience with tender drives and DCC? Any particular CV recommendations?

Many thanks,


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If you fit a decent decoder such as a Lenz Gold/Silver or an ESU (other members have their own recommendations) it should be OK.

The new TCS decoder could be worth a try, although I've not tried them I understand that they are very good at slow speeds.

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QUOTE (Makemineadouble @ 11 Jul 2007, 06:07) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Interesting stuff I built this web site over 7 years ago !
Yes your 2P can be very controllable with the right decoder. As always the Ringfield motor lack torque but there's no finer sight than a 2P piloting a West country.
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