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I have a Digitrax Zephyr plugged into my PC via a locobuffer and simple home made accessory decoders and using JMRI software I can set up routes that are controlled by clicking points on a panel that is set up on my computer screen

as well as the point/switch control on my Zephyr. I.E. If I set up a route to be controlled by point 1, just changing point 1 on the zephyr changes all the other points on the route, so long as I've got the PC plugged in and running JMRI.
I'm saving up for an old laptop that will fit better in my layout.

JMRI can be used with most DCC units that have a PC connection including

* Atlas Commander
* Digitrax
* EasyDCC
* Lenz
* Lionel TMCC
* Roco
* SPROG (decoder programming only)
* Uhlenbrock Intellibox
* Wangrow
* Zimo MX-1
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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