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The Powercab can have 15 routes, these routes can contain a maximum of 8 points.

The only thing I found was if using a seperate power supply with a decoder WITHOUT a CDU then some of the points may not fire, as you take too much out of the power supply, yes you can get a bigger power supply but it does cost a lot of money. My solution was to buy the SMD82 described below.(which saved me having to buy a seperate power supply.)

You can link 1 route to another.

I think I read somewhere that the dynamis can set routes but has a maximum of 4 points per route.

You can always use the teamdigital SMD82 8 way point decoder. This has programmable CV's that can be configured for routes.

The SMD82 is quite a good bit of kit, although not that cheap(£56) but it does have a built in CDU as well, just takes a little while for the CDU to recharge before each point fires.
You can also program it to switch all points to a 'starting' position when first switched on, power is supplied to it from the track bus.

Manual below:-

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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