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QUOTE (Flashbang @ 3 Mar 2009, 17:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi
I suspect as you're using live frog points your problem is the insides of the wheels of longer locos are touching onto the insides of the open switch rail which is at opposite polarity to the adjacent running rail. This normally occurs more on the curved route.
The answer here is once the B2B gauge of all wheels has been checked and if possible adjusted to the correct gauge and then the problem still exists is to make the points so called 'DCC friendly'. That is install insulated joints in both closure rails after the pivot and before the frog and then bond the two adjacent rails together underneath. If your point work is Peco Code 75 then the insulated joint is factory fitted and is linked out underneath by a little wire link. Cut link on both insulations and bond closure rail to outer adjacent running rail. If code 100 then it will be necessary to slice through the closure rails in between sleepers with the aid of a slitting disc and Dermal type drill. Once the two cuts have been made bond rails on the frog side of the cuts to their adjoining outer stock rails
Shown here Live frogs on DCC Scroll down to the item titled "Peco Electrofrog Code 100 Streamline Points"

Nothing wrong with any of this but bear in mind that not only must the wheelsets be correct for B2B but also in line as well. seems particularly relevant on bogies. Trial and error are the only way and sometimes all is cured by swapping wheelsets around within a bogie.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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