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Hi all,

Just a enquiry, is there a good , bad and avoid with sound chips ?
I have a bachmann 37 and a lok sound chip in a 9f, which are great. ( am well impressed and cant wait to do another engine. )

I only want uk sounds and I was woundering if any of the cheaper sound chips are worth getting or should I keep saving till I can afford another lok sound chip.
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Keep saving till you can get another Loksound. You get what you pay for. I have a couple of friends who went down the cheaper sound decoder path and their sound is utter rubbish in comparison.

Zimo's sound decoders are also worth considering, but they are not cheaper.
Hi Hoppy

I totally agree with Neil

No Sound is better than poor sound , save up for another ESU , DCC Concepts have some British sounds for ESU

Regards Zmil

I have a number of LokSounds. Wouldn't use anything else.
The best selection of sounds are probably from South West Digital (who also supply Bachmann) and Howes.

In the US they seem to be into these cheaper 'addon' sound decoders (even RTR locos have them) which piggyback off the back of a normal decoder. Because they are not part of the overall control package (whereas the ESU's are), they never get to monitor the motor back EMF properly and can never give reliable sound synchronisation with the loco's motor.

As others have suggested, save up for ESU Loksounds and forget the others.

Graham Plowman
Loksound are very good, I have a 4884 Big Boy that came with one fitted, best steam rendition Ive heard yet.

I'd also say the QSI decoders, especially the new revolution, which is, I think, more advanced than the loksound, but restricted to US outline stuff so far, as its a very new product.

Like loksound they also sell a reprogrammer (about £60 from digitrains) so you can change the sounds in them , its very much like the latest Zimo ones, in that you can cut and paste individual sounds into a project to change just the horn (or whistle) etc.

I have one in an athearn F series diesel, a US outline model, and its fantastic, but as said, someone will have to start making the sounds for the UK outline stuff for it to be a viable option, price wise its not much cheaper than loksound really.
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