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Hi there Millipro, welcome to the forum.

When I saw you had Fleischmann and Z21, I went looking for more information on the Fleischmann website and found this instruction sheet for a point - Despite what it says at the top, there is some English a few pages down. Look for 'current conducting frog'. This suggests that as shipped, your points will always feed power through the other side regardless of the point setting, which is exactly what you want for DCC.

I went looking for the instruction sheet because I have a small HO scale layout with Roco 'embedded' track and a Z21. Fleischmann were bought by the owners of Roco a few years ago and they have been rationalising the product lines. For example Fleischmann is now 'n' only and the digital control system is now Z21.

On the Roco embedded track, the lines through points are always live so I only need 2 wires to feed the whole layout, regardless of how the points are set. This picture shows the track plan:

The track feed is in the diagonal track just above the BR 363 shunter. Because the points do not switch the power, all tracks are live. If the points did not feed the power, virtually nothing would work because that diagonal is about the most isolated piece of track on the layout!

My cunning plan will fail if the rail joiners stop making good contact but for now it's all good and so much less complicated than my OO scale loft layout where every rail has a soldered connection.

With power switched points, which my reading of the Fleischmann leaflet says you've got, I think you're good to go with just two wires and no additional isolation.

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