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I was wondering how much people are interested in, which never seems to be mentioned here.

It seems to me that it's still at an early stage. I remember Wikipedia going through that stage a few years ago - once it was rather rubbish, but now it's a fantastic resource and I am very glad it exists.

The same may be true of, which might be able to grow out of the 'rubbish' stage if there's enough interest in it (don't forget it's down to people taking the time to write on topics they feel able to share). I do hope so.

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Likewise.....but I'll have a look.


I wasn't aware of it's existence either but will also have a look.
Never heard of it before. At a first glance , it is still a bit short of content to be a useful resource
I wonder just how many of the pages on that site were taken from other sites without the authors permission.... I know of at least one.
Dear All,

There is a much better version of DCC in Wikipedia :-

Wikipedia DCC entry

The "wiki" software is open source and anyone can set up a "wiki". What's more important is to have enough contributors adding new stuff and good moderators to judge which edits should be applied and merge them into existing entries. You are more likely to get this in the Wikipedia version.

As far as I am concerned, there is not much point in editing a small private "wiki", when the Wikipedia entry is already much more comprehensive.

In answer to Lisa's point, I would assume that the Wikipedia moderators make sure there is no plagiarism, once they have been notified. There is a procedure in the main Wikipedia for dealing with copyright infringement :-

Request removal of Wikipedia page (copyright violation)
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