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Dean Goods rebuild

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I would like to rebuild my mainline Dean goods whith a new chassis loco drive . does any know of the best componats that i could use for this project
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Comet Models probably can provide you with everthing you need. They do an etched brass chassis for the loco and also a complete kit to replace the underframe on the tender. They can also supply motor and gearbox, and probably the wheels as well! You could also investigate High Level gearboxes, especially if you want a higher ratio to give slower running.
QUOTE You could also investigate High Level gearboxes
I finally managed to track down a website for them tonight.
website for High Level

I eventually got there from the ScaleFour society links page - link which is an Aladdin's cave of suppliers to the modeller looking for that extra something. Your rails don't have to be 18.83 mm apart to make use of some of these guys

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If this is for OO, then do the pannier or Collett 2251 goods chassis match the Dean goods? Bachmann make both, and they are decent runners, and their chassis design makes them easy to adapt to other bodies., as they usually have a plastic keeper plate and undertray with a 'shelf' both ends for easy attachment to the new body. A little packing or mounting blocks cemented in place,and a couple of self tapping screws, and the job is done. I have been busy repowering all sorts of 'bashed' older plastic bodies and whitemetal kits (which were on a moxture of old kit and Triang Hornby chassis) using various Bachmann chassis, and it has proved a quick and economical route to a better running model of improved appearance.

The other low-cost alternative is to look at the prospect of installing a small motor and gearbox in the loco chassis, onto one of the existing axles. There's a good selection of multi-stage gearboxes from several makers, (to those listed already above add 'Branchlines') and I have been able to make loco drive performers out of several Hornby push-alongs in this way over the years. (Of course the moment you do any of this, Hornby announce a loco drive revamp: so far of my conversions from tender drive the Duchesses, A3s, A4s, 9Fs are now all available loco drive, the only one that Hornby haven't done yet is the B17.)
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I have been doing a re-build on my Mainline Dean Goods and yes cometmodels do a great chassis and tender kit. I'm about half way throught the build.

Stuart in OZ
Thanks for your advice everyone . yes this will be for 00 just a matter of finding some one who sells comet items .
As for a retooled Hornby, being obcessed with pacifics and
4-6-0s I can't see one coming anytime soon .
I suspect that you'll not have much luck finding a shop that sells Comet parts, and has the ones you want. Why not contact Comet direct? - They appear to have an excellent service record - although I have not used them myself.
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