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The background to 'I can do better than this'. Thirty years ago the Bachmann range was launched in the UK supplying ready to run OO; started by a businessman who had looked at the existing competition, and on the basis of what he knew of Chinese HO production mainly for the North American market, thought 'I can do better than this'. This brought about a sea change to the UK market for RTR OO model railway product, which I had abandoned in the sixties, for the joys of kit and scratch building in order to have both decently accurate models and models of subjects which the very limited RTR ranges not only did not cover, but never looked like trying, even at lo-fi standard..

Quite abruptly, it was possible to buy off the shelf OO models to the standard achieved by competent kit builders and painters. There were many loud voices of doom and woe mourning this development: yet the market, suppliers and range of product available has grown dramatically. But it ain't all done yet...
This exactly, I stopped with 4mm and went 7mm because detail and quality was far better, even kit built! 9then again it was ALL kit built back then apart from very expensive brass RTR models.
I dropped 7mm and came back to 4mm about 10 or 15 years ago because such great improvements had been made.
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