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The reason I ask this is I'm busy switching to American - Southern Pacific, gives a lot of latitude with the roads you can run.My intrest in American railroads has taken a long time to develop, but after being an operator on a large DCC layout (probably close to 1500 ft of track) my intrest was stimulated. But that's by the by. When I was at Warley
this year I joined the NMRAUK which supports American modelling and has many user support groups throughout the UK. Our membership is close to 800 people. Many of the clubs operate HO modular so your stock gets a decent run. My own club operates to a time table which is even better. After being very disapointed with the support for my own local MRC who have a 6ft x 2ft shunting plank. I was highly delighted to find such strong support of the NMRAUK. Membership is 20 quid a year, they have Annual Conventions, and as I say regional support and monthly club meetings. Your local group can be contacted via Mike Arnold 01702 584081 if your intrested and need more details I'd be delighted to forward them to you, and anyone else who's intrested

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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