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Decoder identification

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I have checked all my stock for CV values (OK so it was raining and I was bored).
CV 8 returns the manufacturers identity code, mine are either 153 or 101. I know that the 153s are manufactured by TCS because I fitted them myself. The 101s came ready fitted with no supporting data sheets, and I suspect that 101 is Bachmann.

Question! is there a list of manufacturers codes anywhere? The reason I ask is that according to the data sheets that I have, the lighting control CV on one of my 101 equipped locos is set to a value that is not within the range called up, however the lights work as intended.

If I can positively identify the decoder by Manufacturer, I may be able to get hold of their data sheet relevant to that decoder, I thought that all CV addresses would be the same for all decoders but maybe not.

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How's this for starters. CV8 is not modifiable.

1: CML Electronics Limited
2: Train Technology
11: NCE Corporation
12: Wangrow
13: Public Domain & Do-It-Yourself Decoders
14: Lahti Associates
15: Wangrow
17: Advanced IC Engineering, Inc.
62: Tams Elektronik GmbH
66: Railnet Solutions, LLC
68: MAWE Elektronik
71: New York Byano Limited
73: The Electric Railroad Company
85: Uhlenbrock Elektronik GmbH
87: RR-CirKits
95: Sanda Kan Industrial (1981) Ltd.
97: Doehler & Haas
99: Lenz Elektronik GmbH
101: Bachmann Trains
103: Nagasue System Design Office
105: Computer Dialysis France
109: Viessmann Modellspielwaren GmbH
111: Haber & Koenig Electronics GmbH
113: QS Industries
115: Dietz Modellbahntechnik
117: cT Elektronik
119: The Signaling Solution, Inc.
121: ECCO GmbH
123: Massoth Elektronik, GmbH
125: ProfiLok Modellbahntechnik GmbH
127: Atlas Model Railroad Co., Inc.
129: Digitrax
131: Trix Modelleisenbahn
132: ZTC Controls Ltd.
133: Intelligent Command Control
135: CVP Products
137: A-Train electronics
139: RealRail Effects
141: Soundtraxx
143: Model Rectifier Corp.
145: Zimo Elektronik
147: Umelec Ing. Buero
149: Rock Junction Controls
151: Electronic Solutions Ulm GmbH & Co KG
153: Train Control Systems
155: Gebr. Fleischmann GmbH & Co.
157: Kuehn Ing.
159: Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk
161: Roco Modellspielwaren
163: WP Railshops
165: Model Electronic Railway Group
170: AuroTrains
173: Arnold - Rivarossi
186: BRAWA Modellspielwaren GmbH & Co.
204: Con-Com GmBH
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I am impressed, I didn't know there were so many manufacturers of decoders and other equipment. I shall print this list out and add it to my resource file. How did you come by it? Was it published in some past journal or did you research it yourself?

I find the instructions for setting CVs not entirely comprehensible but I'm getting there slowly by the trial and error method, currently trying to get the lights on the unpowered half of my DMU to work in the correct sense, these are controlled by CVs 51 and 52 via a TCS FL decoder. The lights originally worked correctly but at some time I programmed another loco on the main and it screwed up the DMU at the same time.


Interesting that Hornby don't have a number... yet... Perhaps they are buying into someone else's technology. Perhaps this list is a bit out of Date.
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