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Adjust your CV2 start voltage:

Settings that I would have (based on other locos on my layout):

CV2 - set to 2 - Minimum Speed (V Min at step 1)
CV5 - set to 120 - Max speed (V High)
CV6 - set to 40 - Acceleration Curve (V Mid)

Remember that with the TCS MC2, you can have 3 acceleration and 3 deceleration rates.

If you want to simplify acceleration (CV3) and deceleration (CV4), you can use a straight line acceleration and deceleration, but using values over 0 in CV125 allows you to set a 3 rate acceleration curve using CV125 to CV128 and a 3 rate deceleration curve using CV129 to CV132. Refer to your decoder manual for a graphical explanation.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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