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The TCS T-1 decoder is good for 1.3A continous and a 2A peak. You may be streching it a bit trying with a two motor O guage model. I'd check the stall current of the model to find out if it's going to exceed the peak draw of the decoder. The pulsing you witnessed is normal and shows that the decoder was accepting instruction packets. Can you read back any of the Cv's you have progammed especially CV29 as the value in CV29 will determine you wether you are using a two digit or a four digit address.

Charles Emerson

QUOTE (tutorlane @ 28 Sep 2008, 00:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am trying to fit a TCS T1 decoder to an O gauge class 20. It has two RJH motors, one on each bogie. One bogie collects power from Left rail, the other bogie power from the right rail. I have had it working with a hornby decoder......for a while until it run away and fried the chip!! Couldn't cope with the amps no doubt. It did operate though.

Fitting the TCS T1, the chip will not accept any address I try to give it. As the controller programs, the loco nudges forward a couple of mm several times, like pulsing. Once the controller finishes the programming nothing happens. Cannot get any reaction whatsoever.

Can anyone offer any help on this?


1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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