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Decoder related ..

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Might be a dumb question but anyway.

Since I am going to convert to DCC am looking for a suitable decoder to fit in tight spots in my FLM loco's.
Hornby decoders were perfect due to its small size but what I have read so far shows me to keep away from it.

Now, can I use decoders designed for N scale to my HO locos?
Is the Amp. value important.
And if the answer is yes, any recommendations?

Still couldn't decide on the DCC command module.

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Virtually all the manufactures of decoders now produce micro decoders with excellent peak amp and running amps. From Digitrax to Zimo and ZTC it's simply a question of looking up the features that you want and selecting the best possible product at the best price. Why choose a decoder like that from Hornby which although cheap has a reputation not being able to communicate with their own and others command stations. At £8 it might be cheap, but it simply reflects the quality of the product. If you've ever bought cheap tools and regretted the decision to buy them, then you'll know why you you shouldn't consider the Hornby product.

Forums like DCCUK have been full of Hornby decoder problems. More complaints in the last week than I've seen since the launch of Hornby DCC. Sad but true.

If your starting in DCC buy dependable products, with a reputation for quality. The last thing you need are decoders that simply don't perform as they should. It's like throwing £8 away with every purchase.

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