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Decoder related ..

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Might be a dumb question but anyway.

Since I am going to convert to DCC am looking for a suitable decoder to fit in tight spots in my FLM loco's.
Hornby decoders were perfect due to its small size but what I have read so far shows me to keep away from it.

Now, can I use decoders designed for N scale to my HO locos?
Is the Amp. value important.
And if the answer is yes, any recommendations?

Still couldn't decide on the DCC command module.

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Dear Baykal,

If you are looking for a really small decoder, you might want to check out the CT Elektronic (TRAN) small decoder DCX74z. This incredibly small decoder is 9 x 7 x 2.6 mm. It is a 4 function 1 amp decoder that can handle a peak of 2 amps (for 3 secs). Unfortunatley, the site is all in German and it is difficult to get service from the owner (Mr. Tran). Some of the documentation is in English, but not all.

If you are interested in CT Elektronik decoders, I would recommend Arnold Huebsch as an Austrian dealer who knows both CT Elektronik and Zimo products well, plus he speaks excellent English. Check out his website here.

In the Zimo range, the MX620 might be suitable. See here for more details. The MX620 is 14 x 9 x 2.5 and handles up to 0.8 amp. As Doug as mentioned above, you need to check the peak consumption of the loco and make sure this peak is covered by the rating of the decoder.

One advantage of buying from German or Austian suppliers is that they will be able to deal with any questions you have regarding Fleischmann locos (I am assuming that's what you mean by FLM).

Some manufacturers are now bringing out decoders that plug straight into the NEM 8 pin socket without any wires or harness. They fit into the space taken up by the blanking plug, so these are good if you have restricted space, and you do have a socket already fitted. The latest steam locos from Hornby are like this (M7 and King Arthur, for example). Lenz have the Silver Direct and ZTC have something similar, but I am not quite sure of the product code (ZTC 4007?). I have a feeling that these plug-and-play decoders will soon become the standard option for DCC ready locos. The only problem is that the locos with many functions (e.g. sound and lights) may demand 21 pins instead of the 8, so we will need 21 pin plug-and-play!
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