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decoder speed setting

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It's probably impossible but is there anyway to get two different loco's with
different decoders to run at exactly the same speed.
My fleischmann twin centre dial goes from 1 to 14 and whichever speed
setting you try there is always a slight difference.
One loco set at 4 the other at 5 and it pulls away, both at 4 and it falls behind.
I sort of need a inbetween setting. Any ideas please.
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You can adjust the speed settings in the decoder. The simple way is using three CVs as follows:

Adjust CV2 in each loco until it is just moving at the lowest speed setting.
Adjust CV5 in each loco until all locos move at the same speed at the highest speed setting.
Adjust CV6 in each loco until all locos move at the same speed at the half-way speed setting.

If this does not match the speeds accurately enough, then you could try using the 'speed table' as described in your decoder manual, but this is quite complicated. However some motors may run at slightly different speeds in different directions or when they are warm or cold, so an exact match many not be possible.
I was thinking it was worth checking Vmin first, partly because if the controller only has 14 steps it would be a shame if several of them do not result in any movement at all!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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