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decoder speed setting

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It's probably impossible but is there anyway to get two different loco's with
different decoders to run at exactly the same speed.
My fleischmann twin centre dial goes from 1 to 14 and whichever speed
setting you try there is always a slight difference.
One loco set at 4 the other at 5 and it pulls away, both at 4 and it falls behind.
I sort of need a inbetween setting. Any ideas please.
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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 22 Nov 2007, 09:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>In fact I hate to tell you but some brands of decoders are progressively dropping 14 speed steps totally as time goes on so there WILL come a time very soon when your Fleischmann system will be less and less usable with new decoders.
Are you sure about that? 14 step is the *only* mode that is part of the DCC standard (S-9.2). If it is not implemented then these decoders will never gain a conformance warrant.

QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 22 Nov 2007, 13:07) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>**Hi Andrew, yes, I'm very sure. Actually when I read S9 it doesn't specify - and RP9-2-2 refers to only 28 and 128.
S9.2 specifies the baseline packets (14 speed step only) and, as the standard, is what all comliant decoders must implement in full.
QUOTE Personally I think its no loss....
Oh, I agree, I just think it will cause even more compatibility pain in the short term if, say, the standard were revised to include what is now in the RP. There's very little to be gained in a decoder by dropping support for 14 speed step packets.

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