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decoder speed setting

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It's probably impossible but is there anyway to get two different loco's with
different decoders to run at exactly the same speed.
My fleischmann twin centre dial goes from 1 to 14 and whichever speed
setting you try there is always a slight difference.
One loco set at 4 the other at 5 and it pulls away, both at 4 and it falls behind.
I sort of need a inbetween setting. Any ideas please.
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QUOTE (Smokeyone @ 22 Nov 2007, 12:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>there is even a 27 step listed
which is a bit odd but expect someone knows the reason why.

Some very old decoders use 27 speed steps, so no need to worry about that.
IMHO the Fleischmann Twin Centre (& to a certain extent the Uhlenbrok Intellibox) will only become obsolete to people who require over 9 functions.

AFAIK the 27 speed steps on the TC is used for the older Fleischmann FMZ system.

Sometimes FLM are regarded as not being at the cutting edge, but the big thing to the credit of Fleischmann is that they support all of their previous products - going way, way back. If you are using FMZ you can still buy decoders & all the other stuff if you want to continue with FMZ. Other manufactures have marketed multi train control systems that are no longer supported.

Personally, I have though a lot about changing my TC's & using the ECOS, but the thing that puts me off if the apparent need to keep downloading upodates - I don;'t have time to keep our own website updated, let alone spending time updating my control system. Maybe the TC's that I use on SL are dated in the eyes of some, but fir the time being I'll stick to them.
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