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Decoders for old locos

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Can anyone recommend a decoder for some old Hornbys brought out of retirement, they did have zero 1 decoders in them, but work fine on DC now, I need something basic and simple just to make up the numbers.

p.s. 3 Hornby Zero 1 decoders available free of charge should anyone need them, or they get binned.
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A safe bet would have to be TCS T1 decoders, a little more expensive than lets say the Hornby ones but they can handle the amp requirement from the older locos.

Make sure first your loco runs well on DC. Pickups in good order, wheels clean, serviced etc.

That would be the path I would go down plus if you blow up the decoder it is covered by their 1 year goof proof warrenty, does any other decoder manufacturer off that, I wonder?

Hope that helps.

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