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Decoders lose their programming

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I have a Lenz Set 100 with a mix of basic Lenz and Hornby (R8249) loco decoders.
If I accidently create a short circuit, eg putting a loco on the track, all decoders default to address 3.
Is this normal? It is a pain having to re program the locos!
I now know to switch off track power when placing a loco - I am just curious as to how data is actually stored in the decoders.
Can anyone offer some info on this?
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This certainly seems to be a problem with the earlier H decoders. I've had the problem of early Lenz (1024/5 series) decoders forgetting settings if not used for a while.

As a tempory measure, if you are getting too many shorts one way of finding them without the system shutting down would be to wire a car indicator bulb in series with one of the track wires - under normal running the filiment may just glow & with a short it will be bright !

The Bachsu decoders are excellent - we have fitted quite a few & have a couple of locomotives on SL fitted with them.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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