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QUOTE (Sandman @ 4 Nov 2008, 04:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi,
I have a Lenz Set 100 with a mix of basic Lenz and Hornby (R8249) loco decoders.
If I accidently create a short circuit, eg putting a loco on the track, all decoders default to address 3.
Is this normal? It is a pain having to re program the locos!
I now know to switch off track power when placing a loco - I am just curious as to how data is actually stored in the decoders.
Can anyone offer some info on this?

*** You shouldn't have to turn off track power to add or remove a loco at all!

It is a trait of the Hornby decoders. Basically they have a weakness in their design that allows it to happen, and while they have changed the software to fix earlier significant problems, this cannot prevent the reset - it needs hardware changes as well!

Basically the fundamental decoder circuit needs a small change to better protect the processor where data is stored. This same problem exists with some models of digitrax and earlier Lenz.

Try either TCS or bachmann for excellent running reliability at a reasonable price.

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