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Discounting sound decoders which 8 pin decoder has the most features for the money and represents best value?

Given that the Hornby Elite can do what it can do I want to try out a fully featured decoder so that I can have a play with various settings. It must be able to read and write CV's. I want to become a techie expert and I am beginning to see the junky addictive effect that others suffer as a result of having an upmarket console!

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Hi All,

In the spirit of standardisation, I've got five different decoder types in my fleet (Lenz 0511, TCS M1, Lenz Silver, Lenz Gold and Zimo MX620). I'm most enthusiastic about the MX620 at the moment; it seems to have a huge number of features that I have hardly begun to explore so far and it runs very nicely.

Everybody says nice things about the Lenz Gold and I am quite pleased with mine but they all seem a bit more susceptible to dirty track (I don't have the UPS capacitor thing fitted) than the M1 or MX620.


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