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Deltic DP1 in 7.25" Gauge

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Hi I am currently building the Deltic in 7.25" Scale - I am trying to locate drawings of the Deltic's - I have an operations body on it currently for track use and would like to build a scale completely accurate display body to replace the current one. Any input on where to locate plans would be greatly appreciated. The scale of the plans is not important.
Thanks in advance
cheers Ferd
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Hello there!

I am sure you realise by now that you are walking into a real minefield! the troubnle is that the people who sctually built the deltics (how can i put this) were quite imaginative when it came to following plans. (yes i think that sounds diplomatic enough!)

Probably your best bet is actually to get one of the new bachmann models and scale it up.
Because of the methods used in scalling the bachmann model, it is deadly accurate and should be good enough for your requirements.

There are drawings from ian beattie in the modeller and skinly and a couple of others. but i thin thats your best bet.

Hope this is of help.

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