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Apparently Dapol had supplied me with the wrong bogie so sent me the correct replacement. Imagine my depression when, if anything, it was worse than before ! I then discovered the front wheel set was a very sloppy fit and replacing it improved matters considerably, though still not to an acceptable level. Next I replaced the original wheels with "pizza cutters" (off a bogie hopper waggon) and that improved it still more, note that replacement wheelsets have to have a 1.5mm diameter axle for the interference fit on the Dapol bogie. I also removed the decoupling spigot from the front coupler (I never use them and there is a possibility it had been fouling some points ? ), next, just to be sure, I removed the front coupler altogether, it would only rarely have been used and the loco looks better without it anyway.
So, the Dapol A4 might be one of the best looking locos I have but, despite being significantly improved, it is still the worst de-railer of my fleet by a significant margin !
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