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I find decision-making rather an ackward skill.....

Over the years I have tried all sorts of themes....

but I did find that, I tended to devote all my energy into one project, to the exclusion of others..and this will last 3-5 years before I suffer burn-out, and either have a break, or move onto something totally different.

hence, I have lots of books, lots of US HO stock, some UK stock of a general nature...and scales varying from O to TT and all stations in between...nationality irrelevant! (still have some OO9 stock from a german south west african project I 1982!!]

rather than go all-out into one particular field, I often find nowadays I get more pleasure from batting about from this theme to that theme, seeing what really catches my eye....I rather like the idea of lots of small, different modelling themes rather than one big one.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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