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What drives your desicion making?

Hi, My decision making is based on firstly what room i have to make a layout in (see "my layout in the loft" section). I then plan what length of trains i want and can accomodate making sure i can fit most things in like Engine shed,Goods depot, Signal box and obviously the station area etc.
I also like to have non railway scenes like houses, roads and on my recent layout an airfield!!.

Operationally i like to normally have a tailchaser but cant on this layout so have gone for the terminus staion with run around loop and two platforms for more than one passenger train at a time.
I have also got a freight line which comes from a higher level down to the station level giving a nice incline to come down and pull up. (i think it is roughly a 1 in 45)

Kind regards
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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