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and very nicely done too!

An alternative would be straight out of Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette...a 'must' periodical if into narrow gauge, or oddball stuff.....if only for 'ideas?'

I suggest.....make up a cab out of plasticard, to 4mm dimensions...or perhaps from something like the drewery shunter from airfix, sorry, Dapol?

I'd be inclined to make up a new base for the body, with a wider 'footplate' all round.....but keeping the N gauge engine bonnet......alter the louvers a bit, make them a bit larger...more widely spaced apart?

The underframe, below the footplate I'd leave as is.

don't forget steps front and back on either side.

Then....a nice lost-wax, rather large electric headlamp on the bonnet top..another on the cab roof facing rearwards.
Then a bell mid-hood?
Don't forget a droopy wire 'string' to the a nice brass airhorn on the cab roof front?

The footplate might house an air cylinder or two...or maybe even on the hoodtop?

Toolbox on other side of footplate?

Open, of course..with a selection of oily tools on display?

leave the cab doors open, or absent.....maybe even just have a bit of tarpauling dangling down?

(an 'open' cab with a roof of corrugated 'iron' would have a bit more 'character?')

Don't forget the driver.......for years I had some excellent Preiser unpainted figures, all striking casual or 'conversational' poses......including one 'swigging' from a (suspicious) bottle!
Used them on the stairtop of a near-derelict Atlas signal box for years, whilst doing the NMRA module thing!...The windows accidentally got they stayed that way!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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