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3-link couplings are available from a multitude of sources, and a miriad of manufacturers....a quick skeg through toddler's ads will show.

however, which make to buy depends on exactly what method of construction you're wanting.....and how true to scale you need?

Many are now etched in frets....some have stamped brass hooks, with 3 link wire chain...some have an etched chain..then there's instanter, also long centre link.....then there's the coice of sprung or unsprung........three-link couplings also vary in length...longer ones being easier to play with......plusthere's teh 'size' of the chain itself.....then what about buffers?

Ideally sprung buffers are best.....however,what also needs to be considered are things like track and point radii....and the risk of buffer-locking when shoved......

below is a specific link to Exactoscale...who make things P4...see the choice??

this is a lnk to Alan Gibson models

Mainly Trains has a good selection of differing makes

is the home page

will give you a specific set of links.....

don't forget the long piece of wire, bent over at the end, secured to a pencil torch.......
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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