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DGE couplings

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I am about to build a small EM gauge layout and am thinking about what coupling system to use for the rolling stock etc. On my existing OO gauge layout, I have used the Sprat & Winkle system, and it has proved reliable, although I'm not too keen on the large size of the coupling hooks and the need for a wire across the buffers. Has anybody any experience of using the DGE system (available from Wizard Models)? If so, I would be grateful for observations on its reliability and how obtrusive it is. Pictures of locos/ rolling stock, with DGE couplings installed, would be particularly welcome.

I guess that some people will suggest the Alex Jackson system, which has a lot to commend it, but, with my advanced years, worsening modelling skills and the desire to get the layout up and running, before my remaining skills finally desert me, I am reluctant to go down this route, unless no suitable, unobtrusive solution presents itself.

Thanks, in advance, for any observations members of this forum can offer.
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If going the kit coupling route is definitely what you have decided on, then my suggestion would be to also consider the Dingham type. This combines the very great benefits of the most likeness to three link/screw link among kit autocouplers, with the correct coupler position in the bufferbeam.

It is quite possible to use the Kadee type DIY mounted correctly in the buffer beam, reshaping the dropper to maintain full magnetic autocoupler capability. As with the Dingham, this looks very well on prototypes which are equipped with knuckle (Janney) couplers; simply by looking more like the prototype coupler than any alternative.
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