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Roofs of 'commercial' buildings of this nature and date, if sloping, could have been:
corrugated steel sheet - besides the traditional curved sheets there were an increasing number of other profiles designed to make erection quicker by making joints between sheets easier;
corrugated asbestos cement sheets ('Fragile Roof' signs would have been displayed in this case)
timber covered with some form of waterproof sheeting eg a bitumastic sheet.

Concrete was only used on 'flat' roofs. Bear in mind that 'flat' roofs have a minimum slope of 1 in 40 to drainage points so are not truly flat.

Inside the building the lower 6ft of the walls might have been rendered and painted to give a smooth and clean surface against which work benches and the like could have been placed.

John Webb
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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