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Diesel Maintannace Depot

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Now the nice weather is about I took the opertunity to build myself a practice baseboard. I'll use it to practise laying track, electrics, scenery etc. For my first go I decided that Id model a diesel depot, it isnt based on anywhere in particular.
The base board is 24" wide by 48" long 9mm marine ply braced using 2x1 plained softwood timbers. Glued and screwed.
The track is Peco code 75 streamline and the points are code 75 streamline electrofrog, The point motors are Hornby located beneath the baseboard, control is via Hornby select for points, Hornby Elite for locos.
The building is a Hornby Diesel maintanance depot (R8006) which I am detailing. So far Ive clad the bottom or the building in wills red brick. Ive now to detail the rest of the building. The oil storage tanks are Hornby scaledale.
Here are a few photos to give you an idea of progress.

Hope you like it so far, comments and advice greatly appreciated!
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Look's pretty good Steve,can you light up the lamps outside front of the building?
Looks very good Steve looking forward to more updates!

Kind regards

Hi Andy
Not the supplied ones. But Im going to look out for some that can, maybe eckron do a kit. I have a vague recolection of seeing some viessmann ones on a stall at a railway show. I went back to buy them later in the day and they had gone!

I was going to clad the bottom inside of the building with wills red brick but there are some mouldings that would make this very difficult. SO I think I might paint it in yellow, does this sound right? Also the rest of the building exterior will be painted in conctete and then weathered to suit.
Cheers for looking.
Hi Steve,Im no expert on buildings but have been making my own with brickwork.I just make the cut and angle it so they come together without gaps,I've used the camera lots to find all the imperfections,Im currently building church ground retaining wall and columns so I'll get some pics soon,Andy. Also I've been making my own lights as not %100 happy with some I've bought.
Re lights,
I too have made my own street lights in the past for a now sold scalextric track, but havnt attempted anything like that in 1:76 scale.

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Looks good so far Steve, pity you sold the slot track - I could have come and played.

Hi Dave,
You would have been most welcome to have come and played. It was sold around 3 yrs ago, took about a year to build and detail, most of the trees, the hedges signs and lights were made by me. And I detailed a Hornby garage into a catering concession, see below.

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I made my own diesel depot from foamboard and used brick paper, clear glazing and Wills cladding for the walls the latter of which I painted a suitable grey. I fitted the inside with plastruct from Squires for the girders and interior frame. I used Hornby Skalelighting on the inside and plasticard for the concrete floor and apron around the depot.

I don't know how to put pics on this forum - have tried before and failed. The depot featured in a 'Reader's Project' in Hornby Magazine in December issue last year (Anywhere TMD).

I'd strongly recommend having a go at scratchbuiding a diesel depot as I have never really liked the rtr efforts.

I do have a Hornby Depot on my loft layout and I painted the blue parts in a Midland crimson to give it some personality and place it in the Midland region as befits my layout. I also weathered the concrete and roof and used a sponge to add diesel fumes over the entrance. Hornby Skalelighting would probably work in this too.
QUOTE I don't know how to put pics on this forum

There is a set of instructions in this topic. If you still can't make it work for you, ask at the end of that thread.

QUOTE (BRITHO @ 20 Mar 2009, 17:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looks good so far Steve, pity you sold the slot track - I could have come and played.


You can borrow mine if you like !

Looks good to me Steve.
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